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processx 3.2.0

Introduction We’re delighted to announce that processx in now on CRAN. processx makes it easy to run external processes from R. It’s an extended version of system() and system2(), that...continue reading.

Le Monde puzzle [#1650]

A penultimate Le Monde mathematical puzzle  before the new competition starts [again!] For a game opposing 40 players over 12 questions, anyone answering correctly a question gets as reward the...continue reading.

How to do linear regression in R

Linear regression. It’s a technique that almost every data scientist needs to know. Although machine learning and artificial intelligence have developed much more sophisticated techniques, linear regression is still a...continue reading.

Shiny Server (Pro) 1.5.8

Shiny Server and Shiny Server Pro are now available. This release includes support for listening on IPv6 addresses. It also fixes issues with servers that have home directories...continue reading.