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Drrrawing with purrr

La luna es un pozo chicolas flores no valen nadalo que valen son tus brazoscuando de noche me abrazan(Zorongo Gitano, Carmen Linares) When I publish a post showing my drawings,...continue reading.

Deployment of Binning Outcomes in Production

In my previous post (https://statcompute.wordpress.com/2019/03/10/a-summary-of-my-home-brew-binning-algorithms-for-scorecard-development), I’ve shown different monotonic binning algorithm that I developed over time. However, these binning functions are all useless without a deployment vehicle in production. During...continue reading.

Summer Interns 2019

We received almost 400 applications for our 2019 internship program from students with very diverse backgrounds. After interviewing several dozen people and making some very difficult decisions, we are pleased...continue reading.

nice student project

In all of my undergraduate classes, I require a term project, done in groups of 3-4 students. Though the topic is specified, it is largely open-ended, a level of “freedom”...continue reading.