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RInside Help in Testing

A problem arises when building R interfaces to C/C++ libraries involves testing: how to go about replicating the existing C/C++ tests in R without undue effort. If the C/C++ tests...continue reading.

Monotonic Binning with GBM

In addition to monotonic binning algorithms introduced in my previous post (https://statcompute.wordpress.com/2019/03/10/a-summary-of-my-home-brew-binning-algorithms-for-scorecard-development), two more functions based on Generalized Boosted Regression Models have been added to my GitHub repository, gbm_bin() and...continue reading.

no country for old liars

A puzzle from the Riddler about a group of five persons, A,..,E, where all and only people strictly older than L are liars, all making statements about others’ ages: A:...continue reading.

Drrrawing with purrr

La luna es un pozo chicolas flores no valen nadalo que valen son tus brazoscuando de noche me abrazan(Zorongo Gitano, Carmen Linares) When I publish a post showing my drawings,...continue reading.

Deployment of Binning Outcomes in Production

In my previous post (https://statcompute.wordpress.com/2019/03/10/a-summary-of-my-home-brew-binning-algorithms-for-scorecard-development), I’ve shown different monotonic binning algorithm that I developed over time. However, these binning functions are all useless without a deployment vehicle in production. During...continue reading.