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Christmas Tree with ggplot

rm(list = ls()) library(ggplot2) # create data x <- c(8,7,6,7,6,5,6,5,4,5,4,3,4,3,2,3,2,1,0.5,0.1) dat1 <- data.frame(x1 = 1:length(x), x2 = x) dat2 <- data.frame(x1 = 1:length(x), x2 = -x) dat1$xvar <- dat2$xvar <-...continue reading.

mapmate 0.2.0

mapmate is under development and blog posts can become outdated quickly. Up to date mapmate documentation and tutorial examples can be found at the official mapmate Github pages. mapmate has...continue reading.

mapmate 0.1.0

mapmate has now been updating from version 0.0.2 to 0.1.0 on Github. The biggest addition is a number of plotting options for making different kinds of maps. The new tutorial...continue reading.

mapmate 0.0.2

mapmate is an R package for map- and globe-based data animation pre-production. Specifically, mapmate functions are used to generate and save to disk a series of global map graphics that...continue reading.

Box Plot as Goal Post

For as long as I have been working with water data, I wanted to construct a line graph superimposed on a box and whisker plot where the boxes show the...continue reading.