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Shiny v1.3.2

We’re excited to announce the release of Shiny v1.3.2. This release has two main features: a new reactivity debugging tool we call reactlog, and much faster serving of static file...continue reading.

A Few Old Books

Greg Wilson is a data scientist and professional educator at RStudio. My previous column looked at a few new books about R. In this one, I’d like to explore a...continue reading.

R oder Python

Data Science Einsteiger stehen immer wieder vor der gleichen Frage: Welche Programmiersprache sollte man als Erstes lernen? Die Wahl fällt meistens auf eine der beiden großen Anbieter, R oder Python....continue reading.

Le Monde puzzle [#1094]

A rather blah number Le Monde mathematical puzzle: Find all integer multiples of 11111 with exactly one occurrence of each decimal digit.. Which I solved by brute force, by looking...continue reading.

Reproducible Environments

Great data science work should be reproducible. The ability to repeat experiments is part of the foundation for all science, and reproducible work is also critical for business applications. Team...continue reading.

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