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Easy DB Interaction with

The package ( provides a convenient interface to interact with databases, e.g. allowing users to explore the meta-data and execute queries. Below is an example showing how to create...continue reading.

Chain Operations of Pandas DataFrame

Chain operations is an innovative feature provided in dlpy package of R language ( This new functionality makes the data manipulation more compact and expressive. In python, pandas-ply package also...continue reading.

Test Drive of PyPy

PyPy ( is a python interpreter alternative to CPython. Today, I did a test drive with PyPy. The python code below is to generate 1,000,000 rows of data and then...continue reading.

Fractional Logit Model with Python

In [1]: import pandas as pd In [2]: import statsmodels.api as sm In [3]: data = pd.read_table(‘/home/liuwensui/Documents/data/csdata.txt’) In [4]: Y = data.LEV_LT3 In [5]: X = sm.add_constant(data[[‘COLLAT1’, ‘SIZE1’, ‘PROF2’, ‘LIQ’,...continue reading.

My New Calculator(s)

We all need a calculator from time to time. I used to reach to Start button, type Calc in the Run (or Search) box to get to Calculator app (Windows)....continue reading.

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