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Monotonic Binning with Equal-Sized Bads for Scorecard Development

In previous posts ( and (, I’ve developed 2 different algorithms for monotonic binning. While the first tends to generate bins with equal densities, the second would define finer bins...continue reading.

Why Vectorize?

In the post (, I briefly introduced the idea of vectorization and potential use cases. One might be wondering why we even need the Vectorize() function given the fact that...continue reading.

Playing Map() and Reduce() in R – Subsetting

In the previous post (, I’ve shown how to employ the MapReduce when calculating by-group statistics. Actually, the same Divide-n-Conquer strategy can be applicable to other use cases, one of...continue reading.

More Flexible Ordinal Outcome Models

In the previous post (, we’ve shown alternative models for ordinal outcomes in addition to commonly used Cumulative Logit models under the proportional odds assumption, which are also known as...continue reading.

Subset by Index in Clojure

In the previous post, it’s been demonstrated how to subset by value in Clojure. In the example below, I would show how to subset by index by using the...continue reading.

SAS Implementation of ZAGA Models

In the previous post, I gave a brief introduction about the ZAGA (Zero-Adjusted Gamma) model that provides us a very flexible approach to model non-negative numeric responses. Today, I...continue reading.

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