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Equal Size kmeans

We were recently presented with a problem where the decision maker wanted to understand how their data would naturally group together. The classic technique of k-means clustering was a natural...continue reading.

Momentum Investing with R

After an extended hiatus, Reproducible Finance is back! We’ll celebrate by changing focus a bit and coding up an investment strategy called Momentum. Before we even tiptoe in that direction,...continue reading.

Virtual Morel Foraging with R

Bryan Lewis is a mathematician, R developer and mushroom forager.                               Morchella Americana by Bryan W. Lewis, see It’s that time of year again, when people in the Midwestern...continue reading.

A Few Old Books

Greg Wilson is a data scientist and professional educator at RStudio. My previous column looked at a few new books about R. In this one, I’d like to explore a...continue reading.

Reproducible Environments

Great data science work should be reproducible. The ability to repeat experiments is part of the foundation for all science, and reproducible work is also critical for business applications. Team...continue reading.

On Meeting Data Journalists

“I’d rather do data than date”. I overheard this while eavesdropping on a conversation among three female data journalists while waiting for an elevator at the IRE-CAR (Investigative Reporters and...continue reading.