Author: R/exams

R/exams @ useR! 2019

Pre-conference tutorial about R/exams at useR! 2019 (The R User Conference) in Toulouse: Slides, example code, and links to further information. Tutorial at useR! 2019 Today, the pre-conference tutorials kick...continue reading.

R/exams @ eRum 2018

Keynote lecture about R/exams at eRum 2018 (European R Users Meeting) in Budapest: Slides, video, e-learning, replication materials. Keynote lecture at eRum 2018 R/exams was presented in a keynote lecture...continue reading.

Written R/exams around the World

How to internationalize exams2nops() by adding support for new natural languages in written R/exams (that can be automatically scanned and evaluated). Idea In addition to completely customizable PDF output, R/exams...continue reading.