Author: mark

Make your package spherical

Larger packages typically consist of functions that are visible to the users (exported functions) and functions that are used by the exported functions, but that are invisible to the user....continue reading.

gower 0.2.0 is on CRAN

A new version of R package gower has just been released on CRAN. Thanks to our new contributor David Turner who was kind enough to provide a pull request, gower...continue reading.

The program for uRos2018 is online

The uRos2018 conference is aimed at professionals and academics who are involved in producing or consuming official (government) statistics. We are happy to announce that we recently posted the full...continue reading.

stringdist released

stringdist was accepted on CRAN at the end of last week. This release just fixes a few bugs affecting the stringdistmatrix function, when called with a single argument. From...continue reading.

settings 0.2.3

An updated version of the settings package has been accepted on CRAN. The settings package provides alternative options settings management for R. It is aimed to allow for layered options...continue reading.