Monthly Archive: January 2017

Enough trying to use LTO

After months and months of working trying to get R on 64 bit Windows to work with link-time-optimization (LTO), I’ve come to the conclusion that GCC 4.9.3’s implementation of LTO...continue reading.

Releasing RQGIS 0.2.0

Today we are happy to announce a new version of RQGIS! RQGIS establishes an interface between R and QGIS, i.e. it allows the user to access the more than 1000...continue reading.

Interactive BMI Chart

I was recently listening to the #WhoIsFat Joe Rogan podcast where comedians Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura had their weight loss challenge weigh-ins. The challenge was for both guys to...continue reading.

Monotonic Binning with Smbinning Package

The R package smbinning ( provides a very user-friendly interface for the WoE (Weight of Evidence) binning algorithm employed in the scorecard development. However, there are several improvement opportunities in...continue reading.

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