Monthly Archive: November 2016

More about Flexible Frequency Models

Modeling the frequency is one of the most important aspects in operational risk models. In the previous post (, the importance of flexible modeling approaches for both under-dispersion and over-dispersion...continue reading.

Modified Park Test in SAS

The severity measure in operational loss models has an empirical distribution with positive values and a long tail to the far right. To estimate regression models for severity measures with...continue reading.

Ocean drifters

  The map shows tracks of drifting buoys deployed in the southern ocean between 2005 and 2016. The underlying dataset consists of 15-minute gps data collected from 4608 buoys, available from NOAA…continue reading.

mapmate 0.2.0

mapmate is under development and blog posts can become outdated quickly. Up to date mapmate documentation and tutorial examples can be found at the official mapmate Github pages. mapmate has...continue reading.