Monthly Archive: January 2016

R Graph Objects: igraph vs. network

While working on new graph functions for my package toaster I had to pick from the R packages that represent graphs. The choice was between network and graph objects from the network and igraph correspondingly – …continue reading.

Water World

I live in Utah, an extremely dry state. Like much of the western United States, Utah is experiencing water stress from increasing demand, episodes of drought, and conflict over water...continue reading.

Population Model Revisited

In a previous post I showed an animated age structure diagram depicting output from a simple population model written in Excel.  Here is another version of that model written in...continue reading.

Animated 3D Plot of Ammonia Toxics Criteria

In 2013, EPA published final national recommended water quality criteria for the protection of aquatic life from the toxic effects of ammonia in freshwater. criteria are a function of water …continue reading.