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Hacking Bioconductor

Introduction Domain squatting or URL hijacking is a straightforward attack that requires little skill. An attacker registers a domain that is similar to the target domain and hopes that a...continue reading.

Flowers for Julia

No hables de futuro, es una ilusión cuando el Rock & Roll conquistó mi corazón (El Rompeolas, Loquillo y los Trogloditas) In this post I create flowers inspired in the...continue reading.

Many Factor Models

Today, we will return to the Fama French (FF) model of asset returns and use it as a proxy for fitting and evaluating multiple linear models. In a previous post,...continue reading.


Published Articles Version Control Systems to Facilitate Research Collaboration in Economics, in Computational Economics, 2015 Abstract Reliable and reproducible research is an important cornerstone of science, and version control systems...continue reading.

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